Pollen, molds, dust mites, and animal dander can make us miserable with allergy symptoms. Sufferers experience sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, and sometimes asthma. Many people face challenges with these allergens because they are seemingly everywhere! This leads folks to turn to medications (and their related side effects) to find environmental allergy relief.

Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment
is now available at Acu Chatt to provide you with
environmental allergy relief!

Firstly, SAAT is unique. It uses fine needles in the ear to interact with the body’s response to specific allergens. Specific points are carefully selected based on concepts of immune regulation and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In other words, SAAT aims to help the body respond to the allergen differently, reducing the immune system’s overreaction. In short, this cutting edge approach is meant to decrease sensitivity to environmental allergens, reducing those miserable symptoms!

As a result, patients who undergo SAAT often experience reduced allergy symptoms. In addition, they report improvements in well-being, energy levels, and related conditions such as eczema or asthma.

Importantly, those interested in SAAT to ensure they work with qualified SAAT practitioners, like Dr. Jes – who both trained and was certified by Dr. Soliman himself! Our personalized consultation ensures that you receive safe and effective treatment, tailored to your specific allergy profile.

Above all, as more evidence supports SAAT, we see hope for a natural, holistic approach for long-term environmental allergy relief – and more!

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