Suffering from food allergies?
Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)
could be the answer!

SAAT combines both traditional acupuncture principles and allergen immunotherapy. As a matter of fact, this treatment has been used for over 10 years to effectively address food allergies! The aim is to offer a lasting solution for individuals affected by these allergies. In essence, treatment retrains the immune system to tolerate allergens and provides you with food allergy relief. As a result, that means reducing or stopping allergic reactions long term!

The treatment consists of the tiniest acupuncture needles, precisely inserted into specific points on the ear.
These needles stay in place for 3-4 weeks. After treating the allergen, patients experience a decrease in allergic reaction severity to foods that used to cause symptoms, e.g. hives, digestive discomfort, inflammation.

We have patients with conditions like Celiac disease and Alpha-Gal syndrome who are experiencing relief for the first time in years! You can read more from a study done about its effectiveness for Alpha-Gal here.

SAAT for food allergies represents a significant shift towards integrating not only traditional but also modern therapeutic methods. Another key point: Patients interested in this approach should ensure they work with qualified SAAT practitioners, like Dr. Jes – who both trained and was certified by Dr. Soliman himself! SAAT’s effectiveness and long-term benefits are being studied and show great promise.

Finally, individual experiences may differ (like all medical interventions) which highlights the importance of our customized evaluation and treatment plans.