When: Immediate Start Options

Acu Chatt is a world class healing environment that supports the recovery and maintenance of health & wellness to the people of Chattanooga and surrounding communities. We work with chronic pain, fertility & women’s health, and Allergies.

We’re looking for someone who can join our team and offer exemplary care to our patients!

As an Acupuncturist at Acu Chatt, you will be working with a positive and knowledgeable staff to fulfill our mission to help patients live their lives to the fullest. We provide private treatments for our patients, including acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as some modern medical therapies including ATP therapy and O3 Therapy.

Our practitioners must be comfortable practicing as an integrative therapy with local medical professionals as well as a stand alone option. Our office sees a wide variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal pain, neuropathies, fertility, and chronic conditions. We are primarily a TCM style office, and experience with these treatments is a plus.

Your primary goal will be to make sure the patients feel comfortable, and get the results outlined at the beginning of their treatment plan. You will be responsible for keeping accurate records, communicating with team members, and providing safe and effective treatment.

This is a permanent position. Our practitioners see multiple patients per hour with the help of support staff, so that the acupuncturists can focus on the acupuncture! Our practitioners average 75+ treatments per week and can expect to make between 60-100k annually dependent on availability to work. We also offer additional benefits, including retirement matching for eligible employees.

We want to invest in our new team member, and are happy to train the right candidate to fit well within our clinic framework. This will include everything from how we do initial consults to seeing multiple patients, and even specific techniques and protocols to obtain optimal results!

Summary of Essential Job Functions:

  • Assess patient conditions by conducting brief health history and interview, observing patient, and interpreting findings.
  • Utilize medical terminology and anatomical knowledge to effectively communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals
  • Maintain safe and clean treatment environment and adhering to Clean Needle Technique protocols; complying with procedures, rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Administer acupuncture treatment using sterile, single use needles at specified locations to address patient’s chief complaint.
  • Evaluate effects of treatments by observing, noting, and evaluating patient’s progress; modifying when necessary.
  • Document patient treatments in Electronic Health Records system.
  • Adhere to strict guidelines regarding patient health information.
  • Educate patients on the quality of life benefits of consistent acupuncture care. Provide a recommended course of treatment.
  • Light cleaning and restocking of supplies as needed.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine from an accredited institution.
  • Strong knowledge of acupuncture techniques and principles.
  • Valid Acupuncture license for TN (Must have by start date).
  • NCCAOM Certification.
  • Plan to attain doctoral degree within 3 years of start date, if not already completed.
  • Ability to make patients feel safe and comfortable during acupuncture treatments.
  • Exceptional time management and ability to treat multiple patients per hour.
  • Confidence in presenting and selling services.
  • Willingness to learn and implement new techniques and treatment protocols.
  • Confident and positive disposition.
  • Maintain a professional appearance and wear company approved attire.
  • Malpractice insurance active during coverage period.

Abilities Required:

  • Able to stand and/or sit for long periods of time.
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Able to use office equipment: computer, tablet, and phone system.


  • Monday to Friday.
  • Hours dependent on practitioner ability.

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable — more reliable than spontaneous.
  • People-oriented — enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects.
  • Adaptable/flexible — enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction.
  • Detail-oriented — would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture.
  • Achievement-oriented — enjoys taking on challenges, even if they might fail.
  • Autonomous/Independent — enjoys working with little direction.

To Apply:

Please send your resume and a brief introduction via email to info @ acuchatt.com with the subject line “ACUPUNCTURIST FOR HIRE”. We would love to know what brought you to Chinese Medicine, what excites you about acupuncture, and why you think Acu Chatt would be a good fit for you!


– Perform acupuncture treatments on patients using aseptic technique
– Conduct patient assessments to determine appropriate treatment plans
– Provide patient care and ensure their comfort during treatments
– Administer trigger point therapy to alleviate pain and promote healing
Utilize medical terminology and anatomical knowledge to effectively communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals
– Conduct physical examinations to assess patient conditions and progress
– Develop and implement pain management strategies for acute and chronic conditions


– Certified Acupuncturist with a valid license to practice
– Strong knowledge of acupuncture techniques and principles
– Proficient in performing trigger point therapy and utilizing aseptic technique
– Excellent patient service skills, with the ability to provide compassionate care
– Familiarity with medical terminology and ability to communicate effectively with patients and healthcare professionals
– Ability to conduct thorough patient assessments and develop individualized treatment plans
– Experience in acute pain management is preferred

Note: This job description is intended to provide a general overview of the position. It is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, qualifications, or working conditions associated with the role.