Some insurance plans cover acupuncture, and if they do, we are happy to accept it!

In most cases, we are considered an “out of network provider” for acupuncture. This typically does not make a big impact on your coverage if your plan includes acupuncture.

The best way to find out about your coverage is to have us Verify Your Insurance through the online form in the link below.

Insurance Verification

Please click the following link to submit your insurance information for verification. Once we have a response, we will connect with you and go over your coverage!

Verify Your Insurance

(On average, this takes approximately 2 business days.)

Insurance Companies

Blue Cross Blue Shield TN / United Healthcare / Cigna
All offer plans that cover acupuncture, but individual coverage does vary. Make sure to submit the insurance verification form above to find out what your plan includes.

At this time, Medicare plans do not cover acupuncturists. This is currently in the process of changing, and we hope to accept Medicare soon!

* Sometimes, supplemental plans will cover acupuncture, and it is best to call and confirm with them.

VA Insurance
Tricare and Triwest do cover acupuncture to some degree. The best way to find out is to complete the insurance verification process. You may have to “request” Acu Chatt through the VA for coverage to be accepted.

Other Insurance Companys Also May Cover Acupuncture
If your don’t see your insurance company listed above, don’t worry! There are so many plans and companies that it is impossible to list them all.

Just submit your insurance verification information and we will find out what your coverage is!

We will also do our best to continue to update this list with valid information as we have it!