Congratulations on receiving your first treatment! You’ve made the first step toward a healthier you.

To get the most out of treatment, we recommend the following:

General Instructions:
1. Follow the treatment plan you discussed with your Acupuncturist (even if it contradicts the rest of this article).
2. No unnecessary exercise for the rest of the day. Let your body focus on healing.
3. Drink lots of water (just like after a massage, things are moving).

IMPORTANT: Any medications you are taking should not be reduced / discontinued without first consulting the prescribing physician and the Acu Chatt practitioner.

Heat or Cold Therapy
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we almost always will recommend heat therapy for aches and pains. This is because heat speeds up the healing process (where cold will slow it down). We want healthy blood and nutrients to reach the area(s) quickly!

Sometimes, cold is the appropriate therapy to help a condition though. It is best to discuss this with your Acupuncturist first. But if heat makes you feel worse, cold may be the way to go.

In cases where you are prescribed herbs or supplements, make sure to take them as recommended. If you have any difficulty taking them, please consult the practitioner about alternatives.

Your Role in Treatment Success
You are a key component of your treatment plan. Focusing on taking healthy steps and committing to healing are the best actions you can take. This means holding yourself accountable to the treatment plan you set with your practitioner, showing up to treatments, and keeping a good mindset.

If You Have Any Questions or Concerns
After treatment, if you are unsure of any new feelings or symptoms, please call the office immediately. If you are unsure or worried, please visit the nearest emergency medical center to be safe.

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