You’ve probably heard the term “Community Acupuncture” before, but do you know what it is?

When practitioners use this term, they mean acupuncture done in a group setting. There are a lot of benefits for patients: lower cost, flexible timing, and sociability.

There are some differences between community acupuncture & private acupuncture sessions.

  • Privacy – as this treatment is in the form of group therapy, it is best that more personal issues be done in a private setting where patient & practitioner can discuss health presentations freely.
  • Positioning – group treatments are often done in either a chair or on the floor (such as in yoga studios). Private treatments, on the other hand, are typically done on treatment beds.
  • Shorter Intakes/Questionnaires – less information is typically discussed in community acupuncture. This is both because of privacy concerns, and less time available for treatment.
  • Symptom-Based Treatments – community acupuncture is typically symptom-based, meaning if you come in for a headache, the treatment will focus on relieving pain. Contrasted with a private session, not only will treatment seek to reduce pain, but ALSO to resolve the underlying issues that allowed the headache to start in the first place.

Is Community Right for You?
This is a personal preference. If you have a minor issue such as pain, stress, or any other symptom you would like addressed, community acupuncture may be a good fit.

Ask yourself the following: (1) Am I comfortable being treated in a group setting? (2) Is my issue one that can be addressed without a detailed exam?

If the answers are yes, then community acupuncture might be the right fit for you! And if not, that’s OK! Just schedule a private session with your practitioner. Or, if you are unsure, just call and ask!